Autumn Window      by Lake

--For William Marr

Here on the vast prairies,
Amid ten-thousand lakes -
Your book, your autograph –
In the summer morning.

I look from my window
Into your window of autumn
In the fragrant wind softer
Than that of Chicago.

The white picture frame
Over the black backdrop.
The slender lady turns sideways,
Whose eyes a wisdom window.

I think of you at work –
Of war, an old woman
Who lost her only child;
Of bird, the freedom to the cage.

Your poems give help to
The natural disasters.
All proceeds like rivulets
Flowing into the ocean.

Seasons revolving in cycles.
When red maple leaves fall
I open the window once more
To read your autumnal profusion.

The swan sings
In sleep
On the lake of the mind
----Kenneth Rexroth


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A lot of reviews have been done on his works. About this poetry collection, I quite agree with such comments of “layers” of meanings, “There is every shade of happiness and sadness, anger and peace in this collection”. One thing I feel good about reading his poems, particularly this one, is his positive attitude towards life. One of his characteristics is to give voice to a shade of sadness in an exquisitely restrained manner. Her only makeup a trace of cloud, expresses the sadness of aging, but it is only a trace on her face, which is tiny bit compared to the vast landscape of a graceful/poised maturity. The grace, elegance, calmness of maturity dominates the tone of this poem. As someone commented :"Gracefully growing old". Beautifully said! I like that.

Besides “modernity” and “humanity” as a lot have commented, I also find his poems possess “accessibility”. He puts all sorts of the elements of life in his poems, thus the contents are rich and real, making his poems accessible and relatable to many readers.